About Mystery Shopping

Restaurant owners need to know certain things, like:

  • Are your customers greeted with a smile and offered a table right away?
  • Did the hostess or wait-person offer any new items or specials of the day?
  • Are your customers pleased with the way they were treated and served?
  • Do your customers come back time and time again?
  • What occurs in your business when you are not there?

We are an extra pair of eyes who see things from a customer’s point of view.

Our sole purpose is to provide restaurant owners the necessary data to make improvements in the restaurant’s outside appearance, inside appearance, food quality, and to check the attitude and operations of its employees.

Restaurant-Cops.com tells it like it is!

We inform you on how your servers and other employees interact with your patrons when you’re not there. You’ll know which employees are rude or act like they don’t really care about their job. One of the best ways to beat your competition is to improve your own business. And the best way to find out how your company is running is the use of a Restaurant Mystery Shopper.