About Us

“A Short Story”

Restaurant-Cops.com  came about after restaurant owners kept asking me if I would do some undercover restaurant inspections for them., because I have so much knowledge of the restaurant industry and I am a stickler when it comes to appearance. The reason for this request came from a reported incident of un-hygienic activity going on while an owner was away. I decided to create detailed “100″-Point check-out sheet for  restaurant inspections.  I developed this “100-Point” check-out sheet  after plenty of customer interaction at restaurants, asking actual restaurant patrons what they looked for and what they thought were items that were  ignored by management or other employees.  I have received a lot of praise from customers regarding my detailed work and is the reason for the companies continued growth.

I started out this journey using friends and family that were personally trained by me to perform these inspections and now Restaurant-Cops.com has grown into an organization which services the entire United States of America.  I pay our outside contractors well and I pay excellent commissions to outside sales people, who bring me new clients.  We are friendly people to deal with and feel taking care of our clients and contractors is the best way to keep people happy and to grow a business. 

Sincerely,  Tracy