Restaurant Mystery Shopper

Why would someone pay me to Eat?!

The concept is simple. The success of any business is built largely upon the quality of its service, as well as meeting the standards set by the restaurant. A decline in either of these areas directly results in the loss of customers, their loyalty, and of course revenues.

Therefore it is very important to the success of these companies that they constantly check the level of service and satisfaction they are providing to their customers. Furthermore, this monitoring must be done in a very honest fashion, otherwise the findings will be misleading and/or potentially disastrous.

Would you make a great Restaurant Mystery Shopper?

To help you determine if you would make a good Secret to Mystery answer the following questions:

  • Do you consider yourself to be a more selective diner than the average diner?
  • When you dine do you notice how employees handle themselves when they are not waiting on you?
  • When you are served at a restaurant, does timely service make a difference to you?
  • Have you ever said to yourself, “The owner of this restaurant should know about this.”
  • Do you write well enough that a person picking up a report you have prepared can easily understand what you have written?
  • Even if you have been treated badly in a restaurant in the past, if you are a mystery diner, do you feel you can prepare a fair mystery dining report?
  • Do you consider yourself reliable? In other words, if you agree to complete a mystery dining assignment on the twentieth of next month, are you the kind of person who will make every effort to complete the assignment on time
  • When filling out your forms are you the kind of person who checks your work, making sure you didn’t skip any questions and making sure forms are filled out completely?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking waiters questions about the

    If you answered “Yes” to at least six of the above questions, it is probable that you will be a good mystery diner. If you answered “Yes” to 7 or 8 of the questions, you will probably be an above average mystery diner. And if you answered “Yes” to all ten questions, it is likely you will be an excellent secret diner.