Affordable prices for a “Priceless” Service!

Depending on how complicated the assignment is and how many questions our restaurant mystery shopper has to answer, determines how much our services will cost.

A normal situation is broken down like this.

$43.50 for our services per location + reimbursement for two persons. (our customers can limit the spending amount too, but most don’t!)


A “Casual Style” restaurant.

2 dinners @ 10.95 each, 2 beverages @ $1.99 each, 2 desserts @ $6.95 each = $39.78

Tax = $3.28 Totaling $43.06 + 15% tip = $6.46 = Grand Total for the meal = $49.52

$43.50 for our Restaurant Mystery Shopping Services + $49.52 for the meals

$93.02 for the complete assignment

(Discounts available for multiple locations and/or multiple visits per month)

Restaurant Owners and Managers, Please fill out our “Request for Information” form to ask about special pricing for multiple locations. Whether you have 1 location or 5,000, we can custom tailor a plan for you!

Think about it: If we prevent just (1) one customer from leaving because they saw something gross, it was worth every penny!

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